Monday, January 2, 2017

Oh My, Oh My!

Wow, so much as changed since I wrote on this old blog.  First, I took a MUCH NEEDED break from blogging. It was too much. In the past years, I've experienced an insane amount of change and upheaval and decision making and I couldn't blog. It just wasn't happening. I know that I have lost much of my readership but maybe that's ok. I'm reinventing myself. Again. It's a new year and it's time to make some changes. I guess that means bringing back the blog and maybe finding a new place in the blogging world.

So, for my inaugural post of 2017,  I want to share projects I'm starting.  I have joined two challenges this year. The first is to make a temperature blanket. It's a cool concept that involves knitting which I love. Everyday, you knit a row of your blanket, based on a colour assigned to the temperature outside. So, I created a list of temperatures and corresponding colours. I've knit the first row so far, but today I can add another. Yesterday was Dark Blue, indicative of weather that wasn't so bad (-19 C) at the time I checked.  Today, it's black... it's bad out. (-33 C).

Secondly, I've decided to create a stitch journal of the year. The object is to stitch at least 1 stitch everyday for a year, and write a sentence about that stitching.

Day 1: I stitched a heart to start the new year. Love at the end is all that matters.

Day 2: I feel optimism despite the cold and it being the last day of holidays. Gentle blue stars to match my optimistic but somewhat sad outlook. I go back to work tomorrow and I've hardly done anything over the holidays to support myself in working. I needed the break. I have today to plan and mark like crazy. It's ok although I would rather clean the oven than work. Haha, yeah. It's that bad today. 

Pictures are coming for the temperature blanket. I promise but there's not much to see yet. 

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