Sunday, October 30, 2011

Not a Sport?

This little clip made me smile yesterday. This is for all those who wonder why I work so hard at my agility.... it's because Spike and I both LOVE it. And, it is a sport, requiring hard work, determination, persistence.  :)  Even Murphy is getting in on the action; she trained for nearly 2 hours yesterday between an obedience class and agility class and loved it all!

Anyway, for your viewing pleasure...

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Needing some POTP and an pupdate

Hey all!  It's been a couple weeks since posting and I've just been trudging forward, through work, dogs and life. But, I figure I really should give an update, especially before Monday.

First though, Jorja.  I've made some big decisions around Jorj- she is up for adoption. I actually really was thinking to keep her, but I've realized that while I love her to bits, she needs less dogs in the house. She's been through a great deal in her short life and I am going to allow her to find a home that can focus on HER, because I believe it's best for her. Ultimately, yes, I DO want another agility dog. Sophie is done and Murphy may never run as she's kind of "when I feel like it".  Spike is not getting any younger so I AM thinking about another agility dog, but I suspect that Jorja, while she would make a fantastic little agility dog, will thrive in a home where she's the only dog.  SO, lucky girlie has a solid application in on her, and she's meeting her family next weekend. Cross paws.... I think it's a great match!

Anyway, onto the Power of the Paw news.  I've had Maggie to the vet and this has been a big part of the no posting. I've just been hanging out, trying to figure out what comes next for Mags.  She had her tumours removed and by the time her appointment arrived for that surgery, there was a third one growing. So, New Hope's great vet called and asked if he could remove all three and send them off for biopsy.  Of course, I said, please yes!  He had thought they were fatty tissue, due to her fairly young age of 8.  But, the third tumour was a tip off and sure enough, he called a couple days later.  Mast Cell Cancer.  In the whole scheme of things, this is a fairly treatable cancer. They were all grade 2 tumours and because I have no medical history on this girl, who knows if this is the second occurrence, or how long she had them.  So, Mags is scheduled for an ultrasound of her liver on Monday to see if it's spreading.  I don't have loads of optimism, to be honest, but I'm trying. So, Monday is decision day: more surgery to get clean margins? Moving Mags to a quieter home to live out her life? Keeping her with me, if it's a rapidly spreading cancer?  I have no answers, I just know that in the meantime, my poor girlie is getting loads of love.

Other than that, at least my little clan of dogs and rats are doing well. Sophie's limp is slowly improving. Spike and I ran some agility last weekend and while there were no Q's I learned a great deal about what it's like to be in Advanced Gamblers (and where we need to work!).  Murphy is as cute and energetic as always.

Alright, better run- I'm working at the kennel this weekend. I promise pics next entry, but in the meantime, hug your pups and send some positive thoughts for Miss Maggie, if you would.

Monday, October 17, 2011

There's a new girl in town...

And her name was Sadie. This is her....

She isn't the prettiest lab in the world, but poor baby is 10 months old and on house #5.  She's a drivey, energetic, LOVELY little (well, not that little, let's be honest- she's the biggest dog in the house) Black Labrador. 

She started life out by being sold to a drug dealer and she lived in complete hell until someone rescued her but couldn't manage her so gave her to a friend, who gave her to the family I got her from. They said she was untrainable. They said she was destroying the house. They said she was AWFUL, stubborn, hated the cats etc.

What did I find? A dog that Sophie LIKES. That NEVER happens. A dog that learned the tunnel in 2 seconds flat. Also sit. And, respect the leash when I have it in my hand (mostly). I also found a dog who has the best doggy greeting manners I have ever seen in a rescue- she like everyone! Yes, she's 10 months old and has had no rules. Yes, she's a bit of a brute.  But, she's black and everyone loves her here. I'm in trouble. I've renamed her Jorja and I suspect I'll be keeping her around for a while at least.

Monday, October 10, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving to all my Canadian readers!!  Celebrate big with family, turkey and pie. :)

I opted to stay home this Thanksgiving as I just didn't feel up to travelling my my parents; you know, with going back to work, germs creep back into my life and I feel a tad flu-ish. So, I celebrated quietly with dogs, a roast chicken rather than turkey but certainly with pumpkin pie! I also went out with a friend for coffee, had breakfast yesterday with my brother and his family and managed to get the dogs out for some play times.

There's been LOADS going on around here... dogs have come and gone. Macy and Dory have both moved out- they were the cute little Newf mixes. Paco, the Jack Russell spent one night here then moved on to another foster. Maggie is here, for an undetermined length of time, but I'll get to her. At one point, I had 6 dogs shoved in and learned that is CRAZY!

I've also started to look for a new vehicle. My trusty Buick is no longer quite so trusty so I am moving onto to a mini-van I suspect. I'm not in a rush, but I certainly felt some sticker shock as I visited Honda on Saturday. Sigh.

I've cleaned the house, cleaned kennels, cleaned cages, worked and done yard work. So, there's reasons for the absence, but I do apologize.... But, we're back!!

Everyone here wants to wish you a happy Thanksgiving should you be celebrating this weekend....

Sophie, napping happily on the loveseat. :)

Maggie. She's a lab. She's 8 and her owner is dying of lung cancer. She's the wrong colour, but other than that, I LOVE her. She technically has an application in on her already and she may well move to Edmonton, but in the meantime, I am trying to figure out if I can let her go. She is a sweetheart of a dog!

Spikey. :)

Murphy. Why do I always manage to cut her ears off? LOL

Even Dru and the crew want to say happy thanksgiving. The girls are thankful for a brand new SPECTACULAR cage, with 5 shelves for their amusement.

Zander, peaking out who is grateful to move into the girls old cage- even if I haven't completely redone all the shelf liner.

Anyway, from my crew to yours... happy Thanksgiving!