Sunday, August 23, 2009

Tired Dogs!

A tail of two very tired dogs.... today was a day when they needed to run. So, off we set to Rebecca's place  (The Poop Guys) to allow for some running and chasing of the gophers. This is Spike's new thing. As was flyball yesterday, out there... he tugged, he ran, he passed Pepper and Rudy like a pro, or at least like he has refused to do at class for sometime. In fact, he tugged so hard, he grabbed my hands a couple times, causing some nasty bruising and pain today... woohoo! A flyball injury!  Of course, I forgot my camera. So, instead, I got pictures of the aftermath of two days of running... 

Napping on my bed. Of course!!

Yes? You want something?!? Oh, no? Then go away!!

"I can't be bothered to even acknowledge you...go away. NOW!"

Alright, well, maybe the floor is more comfy?!?

Seriously?!? More fricken photos?

What's that you say??  Rack of Lamb?!? Well, sure, I'll get up...

Yum, yum. Sophie in action on that lamb. Where she still is, an hour later.

Seriously, too tired to chew... can't the lamb come in?  Please?!?

Nope? Well, then might as well save it for later... buried safely in the garden!

Dirty face!!

Just for the record, the lamb was huge. Each leg weighed about 7 pounds, so should in theory last days. So, being smart or frugal or both, I dug the lamb up to save for Spike for tomorrow. Poor boy hasn't figured it out yet, and is wandering around aimlessly looking for his lamb! HA!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Touching... God and Dog

I can't help myself, I just love this video. Follow the link to see it too!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Rainy Day Blues

It has been a horrible summer; the weather has been positively dreary! I love Saskatchewan because it's sunny and warm in summer,usually sunny and cold in winter. Somehow, no matter the temperature, if it's -40 or it's +40, it's all bearable because it's sunny. Not this summer; it's been cold, wet, cloudy much of the time. So, daily walks have been a challenge as I lack the motivation to get the dogs outside. And training has been a joke; it's been almost a month since Spike and I have gotten to go to Flyball. I am optimistic that tomorrow we will even though there's a 40% chance of rain. Even the dogs feel it and have become sloths, barely moving, getting themselves from sleeping surface to sleeping surface. 

Note, they are on the couch that they are NOT allowed to sleep on. In my haze of getting through the lousy weather, clearly I have decided to let things slide. It was the last piece of furniture they were not allowed on. Sigh. At least I managed to cover it. 

And the bed really has become theirs as well. Once again, at least I managed to get it covered.

And the deck... well, the deck is all theirs.

I have to wonder where my high energy, lots of zest for life dogs have gone. Guess they need the sun too!

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Off to see the family!

I took a break this week and journeyed off to visit the family in Pambrun! It was a quick trip with me leaving on Tuesday AM, and coming back on Thursday but I didn't want to miss flyball (which incidently was cancelled due to rain! :( ). Anyway, while short and sweet, it was fun! Jorin and my dad were busy working at a sports camp at the college, while Mom, Dorothy and I entertained ourselves, walking and taking photos, and stamping cards. 

Dorothy, working in the kitchen.

Anyway, Michael has been bitten by the cycling bug!

Katherine does ride a bike finally, on her own but is far more content riding in the trailer!

Jorin borrowed a tandem bike and so he and Mike took Kathy out for a ride on the Wednesday afternoon. I can't believe Michael is capable of cycling on that crazy bike!!

And I leave you with my favourite photo I took. It's columbine, in the neighbor's garden. I snuck in to get the photo; it was just too pretty to not!!

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Working 9-5!

I can't believe it's August already!  Where has my summer of  nothing gone? Oh yeah, in a haze of dog training, classes, X-rays and stress with the Soph monster and naps! It's really my first summer I have taken off completely, without taking classes, or working or moving or moving twice. SO, it's been lovely to sit and think and read books and relax and work on the dogs.

That being said, my friend Rebecca is the owner of The Poop Guys. And, she happened to be at an agility seminar and trial over the last week while her partner Colin was away. So, I got asked to step in, and work at the kennel for a little bit. Fun, fun!  Perks for me? New yards to play in, more space to work the dogs and getting to hang out with some pretty sweet pups! My week flew by in a haze of weave poles and fur, but it's been fun. 

Here's Emma, Spike's new girlfriend. She is super bouncy, super sweet and gave kisses to Spike through the fence as he attempted to train yesterday. Very distracting!! 

And, my new true love, Bruce. He can come and warm my feet any night, the big teddy bear! I guess I really do like Labs! He is a pretty simple guy, eat, sleep, play ball. Can't believe how big he is at 10 months of age! I am sure Sophie would love to give up her crown of sole lab in the house just to have this cutie move in!

An attempt to get a photo of Sophie learning to weave... sigh. It's hard to get motion photos of your own dogs, when they aren't solid on the equipment.  Same goes for Spike's two photos; one attempting to weave, one running a tunnel. Not so great in the photo department, but whatever. Gives a taste of what I spent my week doing!

And, a view of the field I have been able to use at Rebecca's all week!  Thanks Rebecca for a fun, enjoyable week... the dogs were great and it was a treat to have more room to move!!