Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Rainy Day Blues

It has been a horrible summer; the weather has been positively dreary! I love Saskatchewan because it's sunny and warm in summer,usually sunny and cold in winter. Somehow, no matter the temperature, if it's -40 or it's +40, it's all bearable because it's sunny. Not this summer; it's been cold, wet, cloudy much of the time. So, daily walks have been a challenge as I lack the motivation to get the dogs outside. And training has been a joke; it's been almost a month since Spike and I have gotten to go to Flyball. I am optimistic that tomorrow we will even though there's a 40% chance of rain. Even the dogs feel it and have become sloths, barely moving, getting themselves from sleeping surface to sleeping surface. 

Note, they are on the couch that they are NOT allowed to sleep on. In my haze of getting through the lousy weather, clearly I have decided to let things slide. It was the last piece of furniture they were not allowed on. Sigh. At least I managed to cover it. 

And the bed really has become theirs as well. Once again, at least I managed to get it covered.

And the deck... well, the deck is all theirs.

I have to wonder where my high energy, lots of zest for life dogs have gone. Guess they need the sun too!

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