Sunday, August 23, 2009

Tired Dogs!

A tail of two very tired dogs.... today was a day when they needed to run. So, off we set to Rebecca's place  (The Poop Guys) to allow for some running and chasing of the gophers. This is Spike's new thing. As was flyball yesterday, out there... he tugged, he ran, he passed Pepper and Rudy like a pro, or at least like he has refused to do at class for sometime. In fact, he tugged so hard, he grabbed my hands a couple times, causing some nasty bruising and pain today... woohoo! A flyball injury!  Of course, I forgot my camera. So, instead, I got pictures of the aftermath of two days of running... 

Napping on my bed. Of course!!

Yes? You want something?!? Oh, no? Then go away!!

"I can't be bothered to even acknowledge you...go away. NOW!"

Alright, well, maybe the floor is more comfy?!?

Seriously?!? More fricken photos?

What's that you say??  Rack of Lamb?!? Well, sure, I'll get up...

Yum, yum. Sophie in action on that lamb. Where she still is, an hour later.

Seriously, too tired to chew... can't the lamb come in?  Please?!?

Nope? Well, then might as well save it for later... buried safely in the garden!

Dirty face!!

Just for the record, the lamb was huge. Each leg weighed about 7 pounds, so should in theory last days. So, being smart or frugal or both, I dug the lamb up to save for Spike for tomorrow. Poor boy hasn't figured it out yet, and is wandering around aimlessly looking for his lamb! HA!

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