Sunday, August 2, 2009

Working 9-5!

I can't believe it's August already!  Where has my summer of  nothing gone? Oh yeah, in a haze of dog training, classes, X-rays and stress with the Soph monster and naps! It's really my first summer I have taken off completely, without taking classes, or working or moving or moving twice. SO, it's been lovely to sit and think and read books and relax and work on the dogs.

That being said, my friend Rebecca is the owner of The Poop Guys. And, she happened to be at an agility seminar and trial over the last week while her partner Colin was away. So, I got asked to step in, and work at the kennel for a little bit. Fun, fun!  Perks for me? New yards to play in, more space to work the dogs and getting to hang out with some pretty sweet pups! My week flew by in a haze of weave poles and fur, but it's been fun. 

Here's Emma, Spike's new girlfriend. She is super bouncy, super sweet and gave kisses to Spike through the fence as he attempted to train yesterday. Very distracting!! 

And, my new true love, Bruce. He can come and warm my feet any night, the big teddy bear! I guess I really do like Labs! He is a pretty simple guy, eat, sleep, play ball. Can't believe how big he is at 10 months of age! I am sure Sophie would love to give up her crown of sole lab in the house just to have this cutie move in!

An attempt to get a photo of Sophie learning to weave... sigh. It's hard to get motion photos of your own dogs, when they aren't solid on the equipment.  Same goes for Spike's two photos; one attempting to weave, one running a tunnel. Not so great in the photo department, but whatever. Gives a taste of what I spent my week doing!

And, a view of the field I have been able to use at Rebecca's all week!  Thanks Rebecca for a fun, enjoyable week... the dogs were great and it was a treat to have more room to move!!

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