Thursday, July 30, 2009

Swimming Sophie!

Today was Sophie's day to swim. Yes, I pay to take my lab swimming. But, really, there is method to the madness; I live in the driest place on earth, so it seems. I have tried to find a swimming hole, lake, dugout, really anyplace where I can take the dogs swimming, but sadly, I have not been able to locate anything other than the North Saskatchewan River. And, that seems to me to be too dangerous. I have no idea if Soph is strong enough to swim in it, and I live in fear that the currents would sweep her away. So, I pay.  Really though, Sophie has recently been diagnosed with hip dysplasia and arthritis in her left knee so in the interest of keeping her muscle tone up, and keeping her mobile, I take her swimming every other week. It's worth it.

Just for the record, Bay's Waterpaws ( is an all breed, warm water swimming pool for dogs. And, Corrine, the owner/operator is a lifesaver as she wears my girl out with just 30 minutes of hard swimming! 

So, for your visual pleasure, I now give you Sophie wearing her life jacket

Sophie plays games while she is there, usually fetch through the water with a ball or the dummy. Or, like today she played, catch me if you can, chasing Corrine through the water. Very amusing! 

And once more with feeling....

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Really, I am going to blog

Alright, it's official, I am going to blog. I feel like a sham as I keep trying this, and it hasn't worked until now. But, I am going to try. I always have things I want to say but I never really make the effort to get busy and get it up here. So, for now, I will at very least introduce you to my two black dogs... 

Spike, the oh so serious, hardworking, always trying to please, Border Collie/ Lab cross

And Sophie, the oh so happy, I must play, please let me eat or play or sleep Lab

Really, it is a terrible photo of my girl... I promise I will do better!!  Anyway, it's hard with her, well really both of them because they are black. And everyone knows black dogs are hard to photograph!

And for good measure, a picture of my foster pup, Rupert. Yes, a foster. I foster dogs for New Hope Dog Rescue, here in the Saskatoon area because I really, truly believe in rescuing animals and it seems like the right thing to do.  Anyway, here you go....

Anyway, there, I've posted some pics so you know who I am talking about, and I promise, I PROMISE to write again. Really!