Friday, June 22, 2012

We MIGHT have a diagnosis....

Sophie is my expensive dog. If someone is going to get sick, have a joint issue, do something stupid and blow a knee, it's Sophie. So, no surprise I guess that yesterday's vet visit was a $300 touch just for blood/urine tests.  And, they are somewhat inconclusive.

What we do know is Sophie has a bald tip of the tail that refuses to heal. She has a couple other balding/scaly spots too. She is just not her bouncy, happy usual self.  So, Dr. O took one look at the tail and took it seriously- so seriously that if Sopher's tail doesn't heal soon we may have to amputate the last inch. :(

But, Sophie's bloodwork came back and while early tests showed an issue with her white blood counts, but the further CBC tests showed they are low normal so she isn't fighting an infection or anything worse we don't think.  Her thyroid test came back as Borderline. Thyroid issues in Labs are very common so I think this is likely what's causing the issues. So, Sophie is starting on a low dose of the thyroid meds with a repeat of the test in two weeks to a month.  If she perks up, her tail heals and her other spots start to grow back in then we know. But, it could also be Addison's. I figure, let's start with the more common problem and take it from there...

Poor puppers. I wish she felt ok. I am sure I'll be keeping you posted on where this all goes.  Cross paws that Miss Sophie perks up and starts to act herself. :)

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Vet Visits...

If you can, spare a good thought for Miss Sophie today.  She has been a little under the weather lately and I am not sure whether she isn't feeling well or if it's just a case of jealousy.  Sophie loves puppies and she has accepted Rease into the home with little issue. But, there's still a little jealousy when someone new comes in as it means my attention is spread just a little thinner.  Plus, there's LOTS going on around here with the advent of packing and cleaning. And, finals start today (hope my grade 7 and 8's do ok on their finals... some are looking freaked out and some are refusing to study!) so my attention is incredibly split.

Anyway, Sophie is missing a big patch of fur on her tail, at the tip. And, she's lost some fur around her nose and eyes lately. So, it's to the vet we go because combined with her general lethargy, I am worried.  She'll get her checkup and shots but I'm also getting bloodwork done to make sure her liver is ok with the Deramaxx she takes. And, I'm getting her thyroid checked. I hope she's alright and it's an easy fix....

Friday, June 15, 2012


It's official!  The dogs of Black Dog Blog are moving!!

I have to be out of my current rental situation August 15th, because the owners are returning to Canada and want their house back. Strangely enough, they don't want to have a roommate who owns 4 dogs (and no rats- long story, to be told another day. Let's just say terriers and rats do NOT mix! :( ).

Anyway, so I have long dreamt of buying a house and thanks to the kindness of my family who assisted me in my ability to make this dream come true,  I am now the proud owner of this lovely gem of a house!!

You will have to forgive the photo. Clearly, I was sitting in my van as I took this photo! I should have gotten out and given you all a better look at it.

But, there it is.... the SOLD SIGN!  My house!!

Just a few details about it:  My house is a 98 year old 1.5 story house. It's two bedroom, one bath and it's been totally renovated.  The former owners loved this house dearly and their care shows. They did ALL the big work- plumbing, electrical, furnace, water heater, roof. All that remains is a tiny bit of paint to bring the colours to my taste. But, the house is lovely. I walked in and sighed with contentment before saying, "This is HOME".

The black dogs and oddball want you to know they are super, super excited to become city dogs who go to dog parks and get to run and play with their city friends. And, they have a gorgeous backyard with a great fence, since the former owners had 3 dogs of their own. Yeah for moving to a HOME!

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Photo Shoot

I have no idea where time has gone. It's been a hazy mess since Reason came home. Not because there is a puppy in the house, but because life has been busy and I've gotten into the year end paperwork at work. It's a mad dash now to the end for me.... the end of June cannot come fast enough!

Anyway, I was privileged to have a photographer come and take photos of the dogs last week.  So, I have to share a few of my favs....

My black beauties...

Sophie.  Love that face!

Murphy. She was the toughest to get to sit still for a photo.

Rease, looking so sweet!!

Happy Spike!  There's a soccer ball held behind Ellie's head to achieve this photo. That explains his attention and happiness. :)

Murphy just hanging around. Yes her feet are off the ground. :)  

The canine family.  Love this shot!