Friday, June 15, 2012


It's official!  The dogs of Black Dog Blog are moving!!

I have to be out of my current rental situation August 15th, because the owners are returning to Canada and want their house back. Strangely enough, they don't want to have a roommate who owns 4 dogs (and no rats- long story, to be told another day. Let's just say terriers and rats do NOT mix! :( ).

Anyway, so I have long dreamt of buying a house and thanks to the kindness of my family who assisted me in my ability to make this dream come true,  I am now the proud owner of this lovely gem of a house!!

You will have to forgive the photo. Clearly, I was sitting in my van as I took this photo! I should have gotten out and given you all a better look at it.

But, there it is.... the SOLD SIGN!  My house!!

Just a few details about it:  My house is a 98 year old 1.5 story house. It's two bedroom, one bath and it's been totally renovated.  The former owners loved this house dearly and their care shows. They did ALL the big work- plumbing, electrical, furnace, water heater, roof. All that remains is a tiny bit of paint to bring the colours to my taste. But, the house is lovely. I walked in and sighed with contentment before saying, "This is HOME".

The black dogs and oddball want you to know they are super, super excited to become city dogs who go to dog parks and get to run and play with their city friends. And, they have a gorgeous backyard with a great fence, since the former owners had 3 dogs of their own. Yeah for moving to a HOME!


Sophie said...

Awesome! I didn't realise your old place was temporary--but it seems like you've find a damn nice replacement!

georgia little pea said...

Congrats! That's very exciting news! It sounds like a dream home, not just for you. I'm sure the pups will be thrilled. Can't wait to hear the rat story. I fear they ended up in an unnamed dog's tummy?

P.S. did anyone call the police about your surreptitious photo taking? LOL.

Honey the Great Dane said...

Oh congratulations on the happy news!!! Can't wait to see more pictures of your new home. As someone who is currently suffering the stresses of renting & dealing with landlords & agents...I can so relate to the joy of having your OWN home!! :-)


Mango said...

Fenced yards are the best. Just go out whenever, right? Congratulations on getting your very own estate.


Pamela said...

Congratulations on becoming a homeowner. I've always said I'd be a renter if not for my dog.

Maybe political leaders should promote pet adoption as an economic driver. It would cause more people to buy houses.