About Me

Who am I? That's a very good question and always so difficult to sum up in a brief blurb.  I am a constantly evolving human being with goals and dreams that shift and change as I learn new things. At the moment, I am a Special Education Teacher, working with a group of students with a wide range of abilities, in a Lifeskills program. It's a daily challenge but I enjoy it.  I love teaching and kids and while I've had moments in the last couple of years of wondering about a change, I am still hanging in there and plugging away at what I am doing.

I am also a Graduate student, working on my MEd in Educational Foundations. I am focusing on Social Justice and Equity issues in the world of Education. While what I study is largely theoretical, I love that about it. It's a mind stretching journey to read, learn, grow and grapple with the philosophies behind the educational system.  I've developed a love of research through this experience too! I am currently starting to think about what's next and I am pulled in two directions: a second MEd, in Educational Psychology or my PhD in Education to continue to work on Social Justice in Education. I am not sure at the moment which will win out.  I also have thought long and hard about just stopping teaching and school to open my own business, but that at the moment is not realistic. So, for now, I am hanging in there and waiting for a clue as to the next piece of this puzzle.

I am a dog owner, obviously. I have always loved animals and my family always had pets, when I was a kid. That love of animals has continued as an adult and I am the proud and happy owner of 3 quirky dogs. I love to work with them; the challenge of teaching something new and seeing them  excute it amazes me! I clicker train and use mainly positive methods. I love to run agility and flyball (when I have time!), and I have been bitten by the obedience bug as well. I also want to learn to train tracking and box scent work and I think the new sport of Treibball is fascinating and I want to try that as well!  The biggest obstacle I face is time; I don't have enough time to devle into all the sports I would like to try.

This is just a brief snapshot of who I am. Of course, there's more to it but within this limited space, it will suffice.