Thursday, June 7, 2012

Photo Shoot

I have no idea where time has gone. It's been a hazy mess since Reason came home. Not because there is a puppy in the house, but because life has been busy and I've gotten into the year end paperwork at work. It's a mad dash now to the end for me.... the end of June cannot come fast enough!

Anyway, I was privileged to have a photographer come and take photos of the dogs last week.  So, I have to share a few of my favs....

My black beauties...

Sophie.  Love that face!

Murphy. She was the toughest to get to sit still for a photo.

Rease, looking so sweet!!

Happy Spike!  There's a soccer ball held behind Ellie's head to achieve this photo. That explains his attention and happiness. :)

Murphy just hanging around. Yes her feet are off the ground. :)  

The canine family.  Love this shot!


Hound Girl said...

Wow those are some great photos. Haylie my choc lab is almost black in color and photographing black dogs can be tricky but this is well done. They are all so cute in the family photo!

Sophie said...

I think that last photo should be your blog header photo. It's awesome!

The picture of Murphy with all four off the ground made me laugh. I know from experience just how manic terriers are.

Mango said...

All four in one shot? Amazing! Momma is beside herself over that little labrapup. Ish.


Pamela said...

How lovely. Your photography did a great job capturing everyone's characters. And I loved the action shots.

Sam said...

What great photos! I'm not sure which one is my favorite - I think they all are!


Honey the Great Dane said...

Gorgeous photos - what a great photo shoot! Yes, especially getting that group shot!!!! Love the "hanging" action shot as well! :-)

achieve1dream said...

I missed this post!! Those are GREAT photos!!!! I love them all. :D