Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Really, I am going to blog

Alright, it's official, I am going to blog. I feel like a sham as I keep trying this, and it hasn't worked until now. But, I am going to try. I always have things I want to say but I never really make the effort to get busy and get it up here. So, for now, I will at very least introduce you to my two black dogs... 

Spike, the oh so serious, hardworking, always trying to please, Border Collie/ Lab cross

And Sophie, the oh so happy, I must play, please let me eat or play or sleep Lab

Really, it is a terrible photo of my girl... I promise I will do better!!  Anyway, it's hard with her, well really both of them because they are black. And everyone knows black dogs are hard to photograph!

And for good measure, a picture of my foster pup, Rupert. Yes, a foster. I foster dogs for New Hope Dog Rescue, here in the Saskatoon area because I really, truly believe in rescuing animals and it seems like the right thing to do.  Anyway, here you go....

Anyway, there, I've posted some pics so you know who I am talking about, and I promise, I PROMISE to write again. Really!

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GeeRome said...

YAY! You are blogging!

You should sign up on DogsWithBlogs if you haven't already. Lots of fun, and their Christmas card exchange should be starting up in a couple months!