Saturday, August 8, 2009

Off to see the family!

I took a break this week and journeyed off to visit the family in Pambrun! It was a quick trip with me leaving on Tuesday AM, and coming back on Thursday but I didn't want to miss flyball (which incidently was cancelled due to rain! :( ). Anyway, while short and sweet, it was fun! Jorin and my dad were busy working at a sports camp at the college, while Mom, Dorothy and I entertained ourselves, walking and taking photos, and stamping cards. 

Dorothy, working in the kitchen.

Anyway, Michael has been bitten by the cycling bug!

Katherine does ride a bike finally, on her own but is far more content riding in the trailer!

Jorin borrowed a tandem bike and so he and Mike took Kathy out for a ride on the Wednesday afternoon. I can't believe Michael is capable of cycling on that crazy bike!!

And I leave you with my favourite photo I took. It's columbine, in the neighbor's garden. I snuck in to get the photo; it was just too pretty to not!!

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