Saturday, October 17, 2009

7 groups....a stolen idea!

Alright, I have thieved this idea from Dayna, over at Life is Better with Sheltie Hair and I like it! So, the idea is to go through the CKC groups of dog breeds and choose what breed you think you would want from that group. You can't choose the breed(s) you actually own.

So here goes....
Group 1: Sporting Dogs
Well, obviously I have a lab, and since I can't choose that (although I would have another Sophie again in a heartbeat, at least today! HA!) I would choose either a German Shorthaired Pointer because I love, LOVE how they look or a Golden Retriever because I love that fabulous personality! Or maybe a Weim. Or a flat coated retriever. I love my sporting dogs, after all! I understand the Retriever mentality of eat, play, love, sleep. It just works for me, and I love to giggle at their crazy antics. Being that I am way too serious and driven about life, I love the balance of living with the crazy goofball antics of a fun loving Retriever.

Group 2: Hounds
While I do not think I could live with a super skinny dog, I love whippets and greyhounds. I think they are some of the sweetest dogs on the planet and I just love their soft eyes and shy personalities.

Group 3: Working Dogs
I would get a Maremma Sheepdog if they were recognized by the CKC. Because they are not, I would choose a Great Pyrenees or a Kuvasz, as the next best thing! I love that they are big, fluff balls and are so tough and able to protect.

Group 4: Terriers
Alright, this is completely out of character for me, but if I had to choose a terrier, I would get a Westie, just because those cute little white faces just gets me everytime!! I am not convinced a Westie would ever be the right choice for me, as I like a sturdy dog who can handle so dog sports, but they are sure cute!

Group 5: Toy
I would have a Chinese Crested without a doubt because they are so quirky and unusal. But, I doubt I actually would as I don't like to have to dress a dog but they would absolutely need that to handle Saskatchewan winters!

Group 6:Non Sporting
I would love to get a Bichon. I have to be honest, if I was to get a small breed dog, this would be it without a doubt. I love their shy little temperaments and their ability to do circus tricks! I also love the idea of a Dalmation as they are pretty and I really just like their spots.

Group 7: Herding
I would have a Border Collie, hands down for sure. Of course, Spike is part BC, so I suppose I should choose a different breed for this so I would have a Bouvier because they are hairy and bouncy and just plain fun! Honestly though, most herding dogs baffle me, and I am much happier in the sporting camp because at least while they are driven to work, they have a much better off switch than the herding breeds do.

So now I totally cheated because I just can't decide in so many categories. Really, I love my guys and I love their temperaments and this is really just a theoretical activity anyway. Ah, the joys of dreaming of all the dogs I could have and the jobs they could do. It's always fun!

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