Monday, April 30, 2012

Old Lab, New Lab...

I finally know who my puppy is and I am SO excited. Eromit's Here For a Reason, AKA Rease is moving home hopefully on May 8th. I am in the throes of last minute preparation; going to buy puppy food tonight after work and I'll be ready.  I've been showing pictures of my Rease on facebook, but someone commented that she looks nothing like Sophie did at that age.

So, I have been prompted to try and find some puppy pictures of Sophie when she was tiny. I don't have any on my computer for some reason, but I KNOW they are out there. I'll have to get my mom to email me some, so I can compare the two cuties.  I do know that Sophie was bigger boned and was a roly poly pup. She didn't look much like Rease.

But, here she is... I am getting Bernadette from the Big Bang Litter... Verona/Ace pups born March 11.

Rease was about 4 weeks old in these two photos, I believe. So cute! 

Miss Rease, on Friday. This was pretty much exactly the same age (7 weeks) that Sophie came home. Rease is smaller than Sopher was for sure.

Look at her go!  She has spunk to her for sure!! 


Mango said...

Oh man! Here we go... SQUEEEEE!

Mango Momma

Kari in Vegas said...

oh what a cutie

Stop on by for a visit

Khyra And Sometimes Her Mom said...

We heard the skhwee here in PAWSlyvania!


Pamela said...

I know you'll be awfully busy with a new puppy in the house but I hope you'll find a few minutes to post about your new addition when she arrives.

BTW, thought of you the other day at the local mall's Pet Expo. One of the attendees had two rats sitting on her shoulder as she walked around the mall. They were adorable.

achieve1dream said...

Awwww she is soooo cute!! Congrats on your new puppy! I can't wait to see more pictures when she makes it home.