Saturday, April 27, 2013

Pink Boots and Metaphorical Life Lessons, thanks to um, well Dog Poop.

I have beautiful pink rubber boots. At least they WERE clean. Now they have been broken in and used to clean up the yard.  I will spare you the pictures as I should have taken a photo of the boots before I went to the yard!

It's the first really beautiful day we have had this spring- like REALLY beautiful, wear short sleeves and sweat hard while cleaning the yard.  I couldn't help but smile and think, yeah.  Life is good!  Even though I have a tiny yard that has been under snow for 6 months, and also own 4 dogs. Yeah. That's LOADS of presents out there for me.

Despite the presents and the fact that they are starting to smell a little, I still couldn't help coming back to my life. I just spent 5.5 days at a Retreat; a renewal seminar. It was 5.5 days of what I consider to be my personal hell but also my personal heaven. We spent the whole time in intensive group therapy.  I needed it more than I could have known. I have long kept parts of myself isolated from the rest of me; I prefer to keep my personal life away from my professional life for example. Or my spirituality away from my dog world. But, I am tired of that. Time to integrate the blogs all down into one and be integrated.  I learned that this week.

I also learned that I CAN clean up my own personal messes and have a happy, whole life. It is possible to work through what I have to work through and smile through the tears. It's good. I couldn't help but think I am metaphorically cleaning up the dog presents in my own life as I am physically cleaning the yard.  Life is good.

So good, I even asked my doctor about going off all my meds. It might just be time to spread my wings and see if I can fly.  Or, face my anxiety without medication. Or, face my IBS (newly diagnosed and on a very strict diet for- no more gluten, no more dairy and I have a gut that feels GREAT!).  Anyway, face my IBS without meds. Just dietary interventions.  I think I can do it.

I think I can lay on my back and watch my kite fly high in the sky, proudly.  Yup, lessons learned from therapy.

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achieve1dream said...

I'm so happy the retreat went so well and you're feeling so awesome! I don't like being on medication and I have IBS too. There are two kinds and I have the constipation one, so I'm just taking extra magnesium and trying to eat better. So far, so good. :D I hope you can get off the meds and that you start feeling better. :)