Monday, September 1, 2014


I've been quilting... and I love it! I've become quite fascinated by colour and fabric and how it all works together to create something functional, useful and lovely.  I've worked on MANY projects over the summer, but I thought I would share one with you now...

This is made from Tula Pink's Shoreline pattern.  I couldn't get her original fabrics that were used when she created it. But, I do like what I ended up with.

Ryder cat helped me work on sandwiching the quilt. Let me tell you, it's not easy pinning a quilt when you have cats lying on it. 

Anyway, I am in process of free motion quilting this- my first attempt. It's going SLOWLY and I am not that confident with it yet. But, it's coming.  I love this quilt- it will be used on my bed I believe.

I've missed this old blog and it's good to be back! 

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Pamela said...

That's beautiful.

My grandmother quilted and I think of her every time I bring one out.