Thursday, February 4, 2010

What's as cute as a Gemma puppy?

Well, a Frankie puppy of course!  Last weekend I had an itty-bitty scrap of a Golden Retriever needing a warm place to stay for 3 nights. And, it was fun (despite the sleepless nights a 7 week old puppy can do to a person!).

And, so, without further ado, here's Frankie...

Who wouldn't love that face?  I have to admit, I had to pin the poor puppy there to get a shot of him- he was all wiggles and wormies and squirmies as he was delighted to have 3 other dogs to play with!

Spike loves puppies!

What a face!  I won't tell on Frankie ; he nipped my finger as I was taking this photo, nearly  causing me  to drop the camera.

He looks postively blissful, getting the check over by Sophie and Gemma

Two against one? Hardly fair! Don't worry, there were no puppies harmed in the making of this blog!

What is it with puppies and chair to hide under?  Obviously, that's Gemma's bum, but Frankie was under the chair and the spent most of the weekend wrestling that way. Gemma loved Frankie and wandered around a bit aimlessly after he was gone, looking for her little buddy. Frankie has gone to his new home already and Gem is back to normal. And, life is good. 


Jen said...

Well done, Jen. It is a delightful update and the pictures are priceless. Gave me my morning smile. Love, Mom

Jen said...

I had to cut and paste your comment Mom- for some reason, it comes through as a link?!? Anyway, Frankie was a bundle of cuteness and I couldn't help rescue him. :) Now you can see why too!! :)

Sophie Brador said...

Frankie is so cute, but puppies! I think I am still in shock over Sophie's puppy hood and that was ten years ago. Your girls look like they had a blast with that wee one. I hope they get to visit as he grows up.

Shhhh .... Frankie is one of the names at the top of my list for the new flat dog, who is arriving on Saturday. There's a pretty long list of names, but that is one of them.


(well, Sherry, actually) Sophie is still sleeping. Too early for her.