Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Back to normal

Alright folks, it's been a rough few posts around here, but I'm feeling MUCH better, much more back to normal. And I need to share some photos and share the joy (even if I AM feeling very bummed that my very fav blogs of all time are in danger of shutting down. You should read Three Woofs and a Woo, and 365 Days of Puppy Pics. And email Sheena and tell not to sell her camera equipment! DON'T DO IT FOOD LADY!)

Anyway, I have a dog walker extraordinaire as you may or may not know...Rebecca from The Poop Guys comes and plays with the kids on days when I have to actually work and attend Grad School both. Yup, it's true. I am spoiled rotten. She found my camera yesterday on the counter, and took some photos, mid play. So, I thought I would share!! :)

That's a great shot of Soph, mid catch. Well done, Rebecca, well done! :)

For the love of a good Jolly Ball.... Soph again.

Spike, holding a nice sit, waiting for his soccer ball I can only guess.

Please, will you kick the ball??

We must play! :)

And of course, what does Sophie do, post play today? Well, steal the ball off the counter, of course! HA! Silly monkey... I was starting this blog post when I could hear suspicious shredding sounds from the other room. And, on closer investigation, this is what I found...

Who me? Shredding the bouncy ball?? NAH!

Really, I was just spread out here, Ma, minding my own business....

That really DOES look like a face of innocence, doesn't it?!?

Just feed me already... forget the cute Sophie in the other room... feed me.  (By the way, notice how my poor boy is going greyish white. Sigh. Black dogs show their age WAY TOO YOUNG! :( ).

And, for good measure, since I have had several requests to see the new glasses.... here goes!

Pair #1.... they are black, with light colouring inside which actually adds a really interesting highlighting around my eyes. You can't see that in the pic.  I like them though as they are not something I would normally pick out.

Now, I know you are thinking these look LOTS like the others. But they don't. For one, they are solid metal frames. For another, they have quirky turquoise colouring down the arms, with cut outs. And, finally, they just ARE different. LOL.

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Carla Munro said...

Nice to see pictures of Sophie and Spike playing in the backyard. They sure do love Rebecca's play time with them!!

The glasses look wonderful!