Monday, March 1, 2010

Bath day!

Spike and I have a big, BIG day coming for us- Spike and I are going on our first St. John Ambulance Visitation at the Langham Senior Citizen's home. In honour of the occasion (ok, really, I have thought he needed this for days...),  he got a bath. Now, anyone that knows Spike knows the pain that this is for him.

Poor drowned rat look

He is terrified right now, waiting desperately to get out of the tub. Poor boy, this is why I try not to do this often.

Spike used to get the zoomies, post bath. Now he obsessively grooms himself. This is his Spikey haired look (no, not how he got his name- he came with it, to be honest).

Really, got to make sure he's really clean, I guess....

The "oh leave me alone already" look

Sophie got a bath for good measure- something that happens infrequently in winter. Because Soph spends so much time at Bay's Waterpaws, I figure she really doesn't need a bath in winter so I avoid, it for the sake of her skin and oily coat she should have. Why strip the oil unnecessarily? But, Sophie loves the tub- in fact, she's been known to climb in the shower with me, when I haven't been looking. And, let me tell you, even if her face IS cute, it's not so cute at 5:30 in the morning when you turn around to see that standing in the shower behind you.
Anyway, for some reason tonight, she didn't want a bath and tried to escape.... and consequently has a drowned rat picture too.

Soph used to get zoomies too- she didn't tonight, just the lickies too. Of couse, she's tired, after that rousing game of chase Spike until you slide into a tree game, that left her limping slightly. Sigh. If only she would take it easy sometimes!

Anyway, stay tuned... update to follow, post visit to the home. :)

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Carla Munro said...

Nice to see some funny drowned rat pictures!