Monday, March 15, 2010

My dogs go to the best kennel ever!

It's true... I feel SO spoiled to have stumbed on Rebecca, of The Poop Guys! Not only is a great flyball buddy, but she has become quite important in the lives of my dogs. She is my "please, can you let me dogs out for a break and play with ball obsessed Sophie for a few minutes" go to gal, my dog boarder extraordinaire and my "oh oh, what do I do now to train these monsters to behave and run agility/flyball better" gal. Never before have I had the great luck to leave my dogs at a kennel with someone who takes pics of them and has devoted an entire facebook album just to my dogs! That's service!!  Not only that, she picked them up Friday for me, saving me from driving the whole 10 minutes to her acreage Thursday night and delivered them home to me on Sunday, Yup, that's service.

So, without further ado, here's my dogs stay at Rebecca's....

Apparently there was lots of fetching going on....

They also spent time chasing each other around... just like at home! HA!

And, Spike spent time barking at Rebecca to throw the dang ball already!

And, Sophie attempted to bath herself in the still frozen pool...


And of course, more fetching through the mud, of course!

Sophie didn't think Rebecca threw the ball nearly enough. She clearly is trying to will the ball to move.

When that didn't work, she tried the puppy dog eyes approach... "c'mon ball lady, through it already... please?"

And, my favourite of Sophie from the weekend... Sophie Mud Monster Extraordinaire...

Spike and Sophie came back tired but happy to see me! That's always nice. And, yes, they are a little on the muddier than they left side, but who cares?  When you have great friends who take such good care of Sophie Mud Monster and Spikey Barkey Pants, what else can you ask for?

But, it's still good to be home!

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