Friday, March 26, 2010

Fun Friday!

I need a Fun Friday after the week we've had around here.... Sophie ate sugarless gum on Monday, how much I don't know.  Let me tell you, the gum sure didn't kill her, but I wanted to. More on that in a post to follow, since there are HUGE dangers to Xylitol I now know about.

ANYWAY, on to the fun...Post the 10th photo from your album. Well, for me, that happens to be a picture taken in Victoria, while on vacation quite sometime ago. It's a lovely, scenic picture, taken in Beacon Hill Park.

SO, of course, being that this silly blog is about dogs, I have to post the 10th doggie picture which happens to be a Sophie pic. It does need a tiny bit of explaining.My mother has two wee little dogs, trained to use a doggy potty on days when she works. So, Sophie when little, of course thought it would make a great napping spot. LOL, I'm pretty sure it was a clean potty at the time of the nap.

She was just a wee thing then. I miss those days, kinda.

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