Monday, April 5, 2010

Just checking in

I'm back!! I went away for the weekend, and left the dogs at the kennel. Unfortunately, much as I love visiting my brother's place, it means leaving the dogs behind as they have a "dog free" house. I respect their right to have no dogs in their space, so I trundle the pups off and we all have a little break from each other.

I had a great time on the weekend, accomplishing some much needed work on my paper (due tomorrow, which is a large part of my silence the last week!), and I even managed to make some cards. The only time I seem to craft is when I am with Dorothy. Well, at least craft at stamping and scrapbooking. I worked on my quilt today (pictures to follow).

The dogs are great. Spike killed a gopher, the first ever not to long ago, and I guess he spent his weekend in hot pursuit of number two. Sophie ran and ran and ran some more. And, now she limps and limps and limps some more. I want her to behave like a dog, but when she does, she pays the consequences. I am beginning to wonder if there isn't a better medication to help relieve her symptoms; even on the largest dose I've been told to give her, my girl can still hurt enough to not put weight on her back paw. So, I am thinking when these pills are gone, it might be time to visit the vet and get something else. Poor girl. But, she is pretty chipper, especially in light of the fact that I pulled her favourite toy, her pool out of the garage today and filled it up. She impatiently waited for water, of course by lying in the pool staring at me to move faster. Ha, nothing like labs!


Carla Munro said...

Bring on the wet lab pictures! Glad to hear that she is all ready for summer to appear!!

Jean said...

Just wondering what meds you have Sophie on, Jen? I put my crippled crew on Recovery a few months ago, and it has made quite the difference for at least two of them. (I use the equine formulation, with my vet's approval, as it has the same ingredients in the same proportions but works out MUCH cheaper than the canine one).

Jen said...

Hey Jean! I should check into Recovery! I have everyone here on a joint support formula made by a local pet store/vet- it's called Canine Stide Mix and it's MSM, Glucosamine, Chointridin (sp??). As well, Soph has been getting Green Lipped Muscles, Salmon Oil and now Colostrum (to boost her immune- she's been a bit run down).

She gets physio sessions almost everyday with me (stretches, when I am not to lazy at night!), we are starting working on ball work (exercise program to strengthen muscles) and she gets therapeutic swimming. Plus, for the really bad days, she gets Deramaxx.

Phew, it's a mouthful! I am open to trying new things though as it's clearly all helping but not enough to be symptom free. Poor girl turns 3 in a week, she's not an old dog!! :(