Friday, March 12, 2010

The Dogs go to the "Spa"

No pictures this post, sorry! It's because the dogs are on a trip...they have gone to stay in Borden for the weekend at The Poop Guys... just the best dog kennel I know in the Saskatoon area. It's all because I am off, doing Scorer Leader training for the Ministry of Education's Assessment for Learning. Fancy name for extreme pain and suffering, but making enough extra cash to pay for two, count them TWO semesters of full-time graduate studies. So, I can put aside my personal feelings and deal with it for the weekend. Not a pleasure trip, that's for sure, but I have to say, they have put me up in the Sandman Inn, in Regina and it is a NICE room. I'll have to get pictures; it's my first ever King Sized Bed. The dogs and I all would fit, too bad they aren't here to enjoy this. I didn't know that the Sandman Inn is actually pet friendly too, so maybe in May, Ill bring them along. I have to admit, half way here, I was already missing my kids terribly. I am happy to have a break, but boy do I miss them.... even if Sophie stinks.

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