Sunday, July 18, 2010

Home Sweet Home!

I am back from a weekend in Alberta!  I took Murphy off to meet my parents and their dogs for the weekend, and left Spike and Sophie behind. Murphy wasn't as much of a hit as I would have liked her to be; she was suspicious of my dad, barking and growling at him at times, and poor Buster and Lucy were reluctant to share their home or their favourite people's laps! But, by the end, they were starting to play and work out their issues. Good thing Miss Murph is SO submissive; no fighting for her!! There are pictures to follow, as soon as my mom emails me the pictures (hint, hint mom!).

Spike and Sophie clearly had a great weekend! Sophie limped around abit at the kennel, but she is doing so much better than she did all winter; it gives me great optimism that she just can't handle the cold but will feel better in the summer. So, come fall, I'll take her back to the Vet and get her pain medication relooked at to make sure we are helping her the best we can.  Spike didn't want to come home after potentially killing two gophers (he's being implicated in their sudden and untimely deaths at least). But, once in the car, he was happy enough to be on the way home. Once again, pictures to follow, once I get photos off Facebook. Lucky for me, Rebecca at The Poop Guys takes photos for me so I can see how great my dogs are, without me! Ha!  It's a huge relief to have such a great kennel actually and to know my dogs are doing well, when I am not around.

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