Tuesday, July 13, 2010

So,I wonder why....

my peas and beans didn't make it.

Yes, that is Murphy. And, yes, that is where my beans were previous to Murphy. And, yes, she is eating a piece of raw chicken.

Perfect spot for a Baby Jack to have a snack!  Funny, funny girl!

Ah well, at least my flowers out front are looking good.

My Bagonia plant! I have never had luck with these before since I tend to overwater. But, somehow despite all the rain and hail, it's blooming like crazy and looking lovely on my front step.

And, I need to show off my pansies, just because they are my favourites.

Even my strawberries have bounced back, post thieving Sophie!! So, I might not have beans or peas, but  at least I have some garden surviving in the front yard!!


Casper and pals said...

LOL Murphy that looks like a great bed!

Carla Munro said...

You should plant your whole garden in the front! That way Sophie or Murphy won't get the chance to demolish it!!