Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Sophie got presents!!!

It's Sophie's lucky day!!  Jean, a kindly soul sent Sophie some liver support stuff to help her out while she takes Deramaxx.  Sophie is THRILLED!  I am even more THRILLED!!

Thank you SOOOO much Jean, I cried a little when you offered!!  This is why I love the dog community; people understand, care and support and it means the world to me that you did this!

Hmmm, pretty box!!!

Supplements are GREAT!  

Content Sophie. 

Yup, the world is a pretty darn good place today.  Hug your poochies, and be reminded, there's still good people out there.


Jean said...

I'm glad they arrived safely, Jen. Hmmmm...I think that took a lot longer than the six days the post office told me it would take! Ahhh wonderful Canada Post.

Jen said...

Well, to be honest, I hadn't checked my mail since Wednesday of last week. But, it wasn't there that day. So, blame both Canada Post AND me!! :) Thank you sooo much for the stuff!!!