Thursday, September 23, 2010

Wishmaker's Walk for Wishes

As some of you may now, my family experienced one of the biggest shocks in one lifechanging diagnosis, just over three years ago.  My niece Katherine...

was diagnosed with ALL, the most common form of childhood leukemia.  As a result, our lives have been changed forever. Fortunately for us, Katherine recieved excellent care and is well on the road to being just fine. 

But, also as a result of this, Katherine was granted a wish from the Children's Wish Foundation! How cool, hey?

And, Spike and I have the opportunity to give back!  We are walking with the Pediatric Angels team (it's the nurses from the hospital ward Kath has spent time on!) to raise money for the Children's Wish Foundation.  So, if you would like to sponsor us, I would be grateful! And, I've promised Spike if we reach our goal, all three pooches in this house get an extra meaty bone that night! So, please, don't let Spike down, and support a good cause!!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Flyball weekend

I played flyball last weekend with Spike. It was an amazing, crazy weekend, full of laughs, a little tooth pain (I hate dentists but have finally cracked and made an app't. My mouth still hurts), lots of speedy dogs and exciting titles won.

We had the privilege of watching a dog earn their 100,000 point title; a Jack Russell who clearly loves the sport. And, many other dogs ran well, scored lots of points and set personal bests.

As for Spike, he steadily improved the whole weekend to the point, he was consistently running under 5 seconds, as long as I got my passes right. When he was able to run a 2 foot pass (which I am getting more and more often!!), he was able to set a new personal best of 4.6 seconds. Very, very proud of that little dog.

And, Spike earned this...

It's a rosette, for earning his Flyball Dog Champion-Silver title (1000 points).  Not shabby, for the third tournament we've run in.  Last tournament I questioned why I was running flyball; Spike had a meltdown and wouldn't come out of his crate at one point. He was uncomfortable and nervous, but this tournie there was none of that; he was happy, strong, and ran like CRAZY!  

Anyway, Spike, post tournie... this is why I run flyball. A happy, tired dog!!

And, I just have to add this pic because it shows how skinny Spike has gotten! Not a great pic, but shows his new and improved dainty self. If you look closely, you can see ribs even. Yup, he's positively scrawny.

Ah, tired dogs are good dogs!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Sophie got presents!!!

It's Sophie's lucky day!!  Jean, a kindly soul sent Sophie some liver support stuff to help her out while she takes Deramaxx.  Sophie is THRILLED!  I am even more THRILLED!!

Thank you SOOOO much Jean, I cried a little when you offered!!  This is why I love the dog community; people understand, care and support and it means the world to me that you did this!

Hmmm, pretty box!!!

Supplements are GREAT!  

Content Sophie. 

Yup, the world is a pretty darn good place today.  Hug your poochies, and be reminded, there's still good people out there.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Someone decided...

...the other day that the broom needed to be punished. Or maybe just dismantled.  All I know is I found the poor broom lying on the deck looking like this....

My deck is a mess from that poor broom as well as a couple pots someone thought needed rearranging and digging in.

I am still not sure who did this, but my money is on this one...

She's refusing to talk, pretending she's innocent.

Silly Murphy, it's never a dull moment with her around!