Friday, July 6, 2012

We figured it out!

I am away this week, marking Provincial Exams.  So, my dogs have been left in the very capable hands of Rebecca, my go to dog sitter extraordinaire.  Rebecca took Sophie back to the vet yesterday to get her thyroid function retested and the results came back...  Sophie's T4 level was 1.0  weeks ago- normal is 1.0-4.0.  Because it was so borderline and she's a high risk breed, she was placed on a very low dose of Thyro with instructions to bring her back in a couple weeks. So, her test yesterday came back at 3.0!  The meds are working!!  It remains to be seen if her tail is healing up- it takes weeks for that hair to grow back and I haven't seen her since last weekend so I have no idea.  But, when I get back, I am sure I'll notice a difference.  If she wasn't having issues with her tail not healing plus some flakey, scaly skin on her tummy, I would likely not realized for some time that she was starting to show thyroid symptoms.  Glad I caught it and she's starting to feel a little better!

Can't wait to get back to the clan early next week... then it's on to packing up the dog toys and making the big move to the new house! :)

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Mango said...

Always nice when they find out what is wrong and can give you medicine to feel better. Good for Sophie!