Thursday, September 27, 2012

A Relentlessly Huge Hole in our Hearts....

The world lost a beautiful dog yesterday.  Mango Relentlessly Huge passed during the night, in the company of the Mango Momma, after he suffered an intestinal rupture and infection that was just to great to fight.  And, the bloggy world caught their breathe at the moment of the announcement and a gigantic wave of sadness rolled through us.

Mango was a gorgeous, brindle mastiff, a gigantic dog with a heart just as big.  Mango Momma blogged about his antics over the last years and we all fell in love with him.  I  spent yesterday afternoon crying in fits and spurts over this news and I've grieved alongside the blog community.

Mango, Dexter (his labrador brother) and Mango Momma welcomed me into the bloggy world when I started on this journey. Their blog was one of the first I started to read and comment on, and I was always touched by the responses I received back.  Mango Momma always responds with compassion, sharing in tears and laughter.  She made me feel like I was part of the community!

I am so sorry Mango's family for your loss!  We grieve alongside you, as everyone was shocked by how fast Mango was gone.  I am grateful for your wisdom and compassion as you knew it was time to say goodbye to your very special boy.  Know that I am praying for you during this time. Thank you for sharing his beautiful spirit with us.

Run free, Mango! Bounce in peace and say hi to Mortimer for me!


Mango Momma said...

A swift, decisive illness is a mercy for everybody even though it wrenches the heart when it happens. Mango was happy, bouncy, and, yes, relentlessly annoying less than 32 hours before his passing. Thank you for your kind words.

mango momma

rottrover said...

Jen, this is a beautifully written tribute. You spoke for all of us.

Khyra And Sometimes Her Mom said...

We are still in denial -