Monday, November 23, 2009

Adventures in Dog Food

I bought approximately 120 pounds of MSM chicken this weekend. What's MSM you ask? Well, that was my question and this is what I learned....

This is MSM, in all it's grossness.

Yes, it stands for Mechanically Separated Meat, or some such name and it's used to create chicken burgers for humans. Somehow, I don't think I'll be eating that any time soon!

Anyway, this was an adventure because it comes in 33 pound boxes and I tried to defrost two in the shower last night. One is now safely back in the freezer, let me tell you since I DID NOT want to work with that much meat this morning.

It was not nearly defrosted enough to parcel up into 3 pound bags (about 2 days of meat for my two dogs) and so there is now a huge gross block in my sink....

Yes, it's covered in green garbage bags in an attempt to keep Sophie away.... she keeps telling me she is innocent, and she was innocent in the kitchen fiasco I discovered this morning after I showered the bits of chicken off myself. YUCK! It's very messy.

The leftover box. I foolishly left it out, in a garbage bag where roving bands of labs and lab mixes could fnd their breakfast treat.  You guessed it... dogs in bag. But not the usual dog, let me tell you, it was Spike. Now I know you all think Spike is an angel, but he couldn't contol himself. I called him away from the bag, and turned my back to get coffee and he was right back into it.  I have proof that Spike has some bad dog in him too.... yucky bits of chicken stuck on his head.

Yes, that really IS chicken bits. GRR. And it's now all over my kitchen.

Something tells me the bleach and I will be having a little party later on!

So, where was Sophie in all of this?  Being shockingly innocent. I put her in a stay and she STAYED. Can you believe that?? My girl is learning!!

Yup, I'm innocent, she mubbles under her breathe.  In all honest, Sophie isn't moving so good this morning, post long walk and run yesterday. She had hours she couldn't put weight on her back paw and today she isn't in any rush to go anywhere. So, it seems that my poor girl was happy to stay mostly because it hurt to move.  Don't worry, she's off to the vet today for an acupuncture treatment and some advice about activity levels. There may not be any agility for Sophie for now.
But, until then, she is content to lie and watch me get her breakfast ready!


Linda said...

Hi Jen, I could not read and look at your pictures without commenting- hope the cleanup goes well. Love, Mom

Carla said...

LOL Love it! Spike says he needs more food! You are starving the poor boy!

Jen said...

Now Now Carla, it's getting in shape for Flyball! He is NOT starving to death, much as he would like everyone to think!
And thanks Mom... thank goodness for lysol wipes! :)