Thursday, November 12, 2009

Things I do while under the weather...

I have been home the last couple days recovering from a fairly serious bout of asthma. In the midst of all of this not feeling well business, I managed to drag myself to Petsmart on the way to class at the University the other night. You know, console myself with some routine retail therapy and in the process soundly embarrass my dogs! Good times!

Yup, I did it... I bought Halloween costumes, on a very good sale. I swore at one point in my doggy mamahood that I would NEVER dress my dogs, but I crumbled this year. LOL, poor Sophie Ballerina!!

Perhaps even worse is LadyBug Spike. Yup, it's true. He really DOES want to bite me.

Here's to feeling better and not taking out my need to spend money in useless ways on my poor babies!

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