Saturday, November 7, 2009


Alright, anyone who lives with labs or lab mixes knows how important food is. So, just to demonstrate the principle, here's an average morning in my house... dogs, waiting for breakfast, and of course me not able to move fast enough for them!

That above is Elk. I have never fed elk before, and now I know why. I didn't think to ask the price until I got to the counter, and was mid pay before it dawned on me.... tres expensive! 8 pounds, which is roughly 3.5- 4 days of food for my critters cost me a mere $35.98. Yup, the most expensive meat I coulda bought. Oh well, it's because of these faces....

Please Mom! Please, maybe if I look more longingly and adoringly at you, you'll move faster!

Oh come on, seriously!

If I don't look at mom, maybe she'll feed me. Please?!?

Alright, if a do a trick like lie down and lick my lips, maybe that'll help!

FINALLY!  Veggies, yogurt AND elk! Yeah mom!

Really?  That was it! Cheap!

Yup, typical morning getting the dogs their food. It's a very important job, clearly to be the one who provides food. :)

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