Saturday, November 20, 2010

Dog approved furniture.

So, the loveseat moved upstairs (and yes, it STILL needs a slip cover. It doesn't match anything else I own, sigh) and I got new to me furniture for the basement. Considering the old couch, I couldn't say no to free furniture, free delivery and free disposal at the dump of the old couch.

Remember this old gem? 

Spike wants you to know he loved that couch.

See, toothy grins and all!

You can't really see it well but you can tell it's bad. So, it's gone and in it's place is the blue version. Who knew it was the SAME COUCH, but in blue? And, in much, much better shape!

Sophie approves.


So does Murph. She's already napping on the arm of the matching love seat.

Spike's pouting upstairs because he doesn't like change. 

I think I'll cuddle up and watch some TV on my new to me, very, very old couch. It's a pleasant way to spend a very cold winter day.


Mango said...

I guess you're going to have to get over it Spike. Looks like the couch stays. Sorry, buddy.


Ms. ~K said...

Come on Spike, you'll look great on the blue sofa!
Wroooo wroooo,
ZAck, Sassy and Buddy

sophie...^5 said...

I have slowly and determinedly taken over the couch too...such comfort! ;-)

Sophie Brador said...

Hey dogs! My mom might be heading west for xmas ... maybe she will even visit.
Will keep you pups posted.


Jen said...

Ohhh, a visit would be lovely!! I'll be in Alberta for a few but here for the rest of the holidays so keep me posted for sure!