Sunday, November 14, 2010

Reflections on a Buffalo Bone

Lucky dogs, it's Sunday morning and a slow one at that. So, I fed some Raw Meaty Bones for breakfast because it doesn't matter how slow or fast they get eaten. Really, they went shockingly fast, to be honest.

I've figured out a few tricks of bone feeding, over the last 6 months Murphy has been here. Black dogs eat their bones in the yard, white dog eats hers in her crate. If Murphy doesn't eat inside, the others (read Sophie) like to steal her breakfast and finish if off for her. So, in light of a little, light bone crunching fun this morning, I give you Murphy...

Seriously? Your taking pics now??

Hmmm, yum, yum!

I love the buffalo bones!

Maybe there's some hidden in the blankie??

If I look a little closer??

And, sniff a little more, I'll find some little yummy leftover bits.

All gone? Watch out, lady, I give you the stink eye!

Depression. Seriously? All gone??

Ah well, must go play!

And, in other news, Sophie wants you to know she thinks Christmas has come early. I've done some furniture rearranging, and this loveseat has moved upstairs, to live in front of the window. It needs a slip cover, but it's comfy and Sophie thinks it's the best place ever to patrol the street from. Nothing gets past this lab, when she's on cat patrol!

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Ms. ~K said...

That's some serious sniffing there!

Lucky pup to have your own sofa!
~K and The Pups