Monday, November 15, 2010

Everyone loves the new couch

Clearly moving the old loveseat upstairs was smart. Everyone (but me) is enjoying the addition to the living room! The dogs have spent hours just like this, mainly watching out the window, but they will curl up and nap when satisfied the street is safe from rogue cats.

3 on the couch. Not a great quality picture, but very accurate of what's happening. I am not at work today (yeah for extra long weekends!) but am home, working frantically on two presentations for University and every time I look up, I see some variation on these pictures. Makes me smile, just a little.


Murphy's favourite is to stand on the back of the couch (and try not to fall down, onto the window ledge, where she got wedged yesterday and I had to rescue her from, haha!). Occasionally, she'll even attempt to nap up there. So cute!

I'll like the couch MUCH better when I have a slip cover made for it!


Jean said...

Ohhh lucky dogs! I have resisted the urge to put my couch in front of the window as I fear it will increase the bark-fest that goes on every time anything - dog, cat, human or vehicle - dares to trespass on our street. In fact I'm seriously thinking of putting some kind of curtain or blind across the lower part of the window to block their view! I'm such a spoil sport.

Ms. ~K said...

That's a Love Seat for sure...
Enjoy your day off from teaching.
Are you in Grad school?
Hugs and belly rubs to puos,

Mango said...

I am laughing at the wedged lab behind the couch. Such foolishness. But it sure does look comfy.