Sunday, December 5, 2010

Good News, Good News!

I took Spike and Sophie both to the vet yesterday.  I had no idea what to expect, after all the grumpiness Spike has been exhibiting and that awful display with the sheltie, last weekend.  But, Spike had 3 little minor tweaks this week and has been approved to fully run agility!!!!  I can run him hard, at height and weave again with the caution to bring him back in, in 2 weeks just to make sure everything is looking ok.  So, that was fantastic news!! The limping?? Likely caused racing down the icy, back steps with Murphy hot on his tail. So any grumpiness is Spike, being Spike and I can no longer blame it on pain, ha!

Spike wants you to know that deep down, he really IS excited....

Sophie's appointment was VERY interesting!  I am not even sure what all is out on Sophie's back, although when she goes back in a week, I'll ask to see her chart. Dr. Orchard worked on her skull as Soph has always had a problem with running into things so this will help that. She worked on her lumbar region which visibly made a HUGE difference. Sophie's spine has curved up for as long as I can remember. She has a nearly straight back at the moment. But, mainly her Sacrum was out, likely causing the intermittent lameness. I'll be honest, I cried when I got home because for the FIRST TIME EVER, Sophie is holding her tail like a normal lab. She's always carried it high, and I thought it was some weird quirk she was born with. Nope, it was her sacrum all this time. So, I have no idea what her long term prognosis will be but I can tell you this: she moves better. She is actually walking far more normally. She still has a bit of the sway back going on, but it's been lessened. The reality is, Sophie will always have loose hip joints but because there was no degeneration in her X-Rays taken a little over a year ago, it never made sense that she had so many arthritic symptoms. But, she will always be at a greater than normal risk of arthritis on this joints. Just, shouldn't be at 3 years of age. And, her knee will always be an issue now; she had a partial cruciate tear and the scar tissue will always be here. But, this vet may well get her off pain meds. Or, give us access to Cartophen shots which are much better for her, long term than any other pain meds I can give. (and, at an incredible deal that made me cry in the office with the vet).  For the first time since this journey to figure Sophie out, I have an incredible sense of relief and hope. I can help this dog of mine yet. It's been a long time coming. Look out Obedience world, we're coming back!!!!

Sophie wants you to know she can sit better and lie down better already! But, sadly, it's 7AM and she refuses to model her  newfound abilities. :)

Doesn't she look grumpy?!? It's the "LEAVE ME ALONE, I KNOW YOU'RE EXCITED ALREADY!!"  look, LOL


Ms. ~K said...

Very good news indeed...
Let's all do the Happy Dance! :)
Licks and sniffs,
Zack, Sssy and Buddy

Jean said...

Very good news all round - for both Spike and Sophie. Even though Sophie's situation is challenging, it helps to know exactly where the problems lie.

The sacrum was the main problem my Belle had, and one little trick my holistic vet taught me was to massage the tip of her tail daily. Apparently the nerves from the tip of the tail extend to the sacrum area. I really did find this helped with Belle's mobility and she walked a little less like an old lady (even though she was an old lady).

Mango said...

Fantastic news! Mango is going to get straightened out on Tuesday. Hope it goes as well for him.

Mango Momma