Thursday, December 16, 2010

Reflections on Rescue

It's been a difficult month in the world of dog rescue. I'm not going to lie about that. But, then, the reality is that no month is easy in dog rescue. But, I have to admit, I think the Saskatchewan Doggy Rescue Community is pretty darn spectacular!

As you know, I coordinate intakes for New Hope Dog Rescue. Simply, this means, if you have a dog you don't want, and you want New Hope to take them, you talk to me. Or, if we get a message about a stray or pound dog, I call them back, get the information then send that off to our foster home coordinator to see if we can fit the dog in. I maintain a LONG list for owner surrenders. It can take months to get an owner surrender in, as we are a small, volunteer run organization and can only take as many dogs as we have resources to take.  And, I am just one of many volunteers who make this all work.

What I hate about rescue is that I see the worst of people. I get the angry "What do you mean you can't take my dog tonight" phone calls. I get the intakes for "my ten year old dog I've had since he was a pup is an inconvience now that I want to travel so can you rehome him for me?". I get intakes for dogs whose owners are truly heartbroken to give them up but life circumstances are just to great and they need help. So, I see the spectrum.  It's hard to not get frustrated and give up, I'll be honest.

But, then we have moments when I have to jump up and down and scream, cheering for us! This was one such week. About 3 weeks ago, we got call about a litter of 10 husky pups, taken away from mama dog way to young and they needed a place to go. So, we took them. Then, 3 days ago, we got a call about a dog tied to a doghouse, with no food, no warmth and 1 week old pups. There were 9 of them, I believe. We found them room. Then yesterday, there was another. This time a Lab with her 10 puppies, could we find room?  We all groaned, thought, "Wow? Can we??"  We've never, NEVER had this many dogs before, or this many puppies. Apparently, we CAN! We had one home graciously open their doors and say, yes, they can come here for Christmas. And, even better, another dog rescue, Bright Eyes,  in the province opened their doors and said they could take them for us. So, we saved 11 more lives and that rocks!  I feel proud to work with an organization that DOES make a difference. It's good to remember that in the discouraging moments.

Anyway, I just thought I would share this morning as Christmas , well winter, can be a very difficult time in the world of dog rescue. Support your local rescue, people, it's worth it!


Bronson and Pepper said...

Wow that's certainly a lot of pups! The best news is that you were able to help them all and saved them! That has got to make you feel really good. I'm proud of what your group was able to do! Kudos to all of you!

Mango said...

Thanks for sharing. The dog rescue is a heartbreaking undertaking. It is wonderful to hear a happy story. Plus cute little puppies find homes easier, right?

Mango Momma

Jean said...

It seems to be a particularly bad month for dogs - and puppies - here too. A northern rescue with 19 puppies and more coming in; the SPCA I volunteer for with litter after litter of puppies recently; continual "urgent" postings on our rescue boards. And an animal control facility in one BC community (Abbotsford) which is closing down at the end of this month and euthanizing all remaining dogs because the city hasn't found anyone to take over the contract. There are days when I hate people.
But...posts like yours, of resources found and dogs saved, help me get through the day. Keep up the good work.
As for the people who let their dogs breed and then don't take responsibility for the puppies - may they have a very unmerry Christmas! :)