Tuesday, December 14, 2010

A little bit of this and that

You'll notice I've overhauled the blog. I like it, I have to admit. This is what happens when you are procrastinating from writing semester end papers. And, are home, struggling with the flu not able to attend things like agility classes or even work. I don't like to share my germs so I have elected to stay at home and get better.

Sophie thinks she's died and gone to doggy heaven... she's been getting daily off leash runs and LOVES it! I like LOVE that she hasn't limped at all! This makes me happy! The chiropractic likened it to a human with their sciatic nerve out; it's painful enough to make you limp and for Sophie, it was enough to cause her intermittent lameness.  I was reading  Mango's blog yesterday which is filled all kinds of good ideas to help with stretching and rebuilding muscle tone. He has a sore leg as well and is working hard to build up the muscle tone, much like Sophie Dawg so I took some notes and am working on it with her. She doesn't mind; in fact, Sophie is happy to be getting all this attention and work!

Spike on the other hand has been pouting. He doesn't like that Sophie cuts into his valuable training time. Poor boy isn't all that thrilled that we are taking an extended break from Flyball as well; in the midst of Spike's injury and recovery, I realized I just don't have the time to commit to practices. So, I cut back on my dog sport involvement and am just focusing on agility at the moment. Murphy is just grateful I've had the flu the last days and have stayed home, hanging out on the couch with her. She'd rather I stayed home all the time to be at her beck and call, to be honest. I might like that too, as she sleeps much better when she hasn't been crated all day.

In other news, many of you know that I am involved with dog rescue. I coordinate the intakes for New Hope Dog Rescue in Saskatoon and I also occasionally foster. It's been a tough winter thus far; we've had far more than our fair share of puppies come through our doors and I just thought I would share a few of their little faces. Seriously, someone needs to take these little cuties home or I may end up with a puppy or two extra here. They have to go SOMEWHERE as we have a Mama and her 9 pups coming in today. Mama was tied to a dog house and the pups are about a week old. It's cold out there folks, far too cold for week old puppies to be living in a dog house. I actually think my buddy Rebecca  will be taking them in, but I may help her out and bring home one of them myself. We'll see...

Anyway, here's Bella. Ain't she a little doll of a husky mix?  You seriously should consider adopting her!

Or, Aeron perhaps. He's a handsome little guy!

Or little Morrigan, the one I want to foster. I can't resist those little eyes. 

Stay tuned to see if they all find their way to Rebecca's or whether I take one. SO cute! And, just think, we managed to save 10 more dogs with a little shuffling around. All's good as long as we have foster homes!!

Anyway, here's hoping I make it back to work tomorrow. And, get my semester end papers completed. And, begin to feel human again- after all, Christmas holidays are just around the corner; I must feel better for my holidays!!


Bronson and Pepper said...

First and foremost we wish you a very speedy recovery! Our DOH#2 knows how bad the flu can bring ya down, so get feeling better soon. And as to those cute pups you posted pictures of...how adorable are they! Hope you are able to find them all good furever homes!
Bones and treats to ya,
Bronson and Pepper

Ms. ~K said...

Oh My, hope you are better soon!
I like the new look too...now get back to writing that paper! :)
Hugs and belly rubs,

Jean said...

I like the new look - though I liked the old one too! I hope you get over the ful soon and get back to work on those papers.

As for the puppies, just don't send them to me!!! LOL

Mango said...

I hope Miss Sophie does her exercises and gets better. Dexter used to get really PO'd when momma closed the door so I could do my exercises, but she just ignored him and he is getting better about it. Kind of like how when I see his reflective gear come out I go to bed since I know it means he'll be going on walkies without ME.

I do feel better on days I do my exercises.


Honey the Great Dane said...

I know all about that procrastination....it's an occupational hazard of working from home!:-)

Bet the dogs are enjoying having you at home. I always thought Honey would enjoy it a lot more after I started working from home but as far as I can see, she just continues her own sleeping routine as if I wasn't there and never even bats an eyelid when I pop out for something or come back home...I'm lucky if she flicks the tip of her tail and notices my return! She is just such a laid-back dog! :-)