Friday, February 25, 2011

Really, I'm getting lots done!

I had a huge list of schoolwork to get through this week. I have no idea if I have managed to tackle even a quarter of it; I feel behind and that's not good. But, I'm trying!  Honestly, the cold weather has not helped as the dogs all have cabin fever (as do I!) and want out, but it's just toooo cold! (Windchill of -49C this morning. That's -56F for my American readers).

It's no wonder I am not getting much done; I was settling down with my Carol Gilligan, Voice Centered Relational Methods of Research materials when I was disturbed by the following...

C'mon, play with us!! Ringo And Murphy, looking adorable, of course!

Fine, we'll create our own fun, thank you very much! Spike and Murphy tugging.

It's mine! No, it's MINE!

I's won. Will you play with me?!?  Spike trying to cajole me into playing.

Fine, three can play at that game! Spike, Sophie and Murphy all tugging with Sopher's toy.

How many of us can fit in here?  Me for sure!

And, Ringo too!! HA!

Ringo trying desperately to escape the wrath of Murphy, after he chases her into her crate. She doesn't share well, you know!

See... I feel better!! Ringo, ready for napping!

Sophie agrees, and curls up on my bed. Always the princess, always looking for comfort!

Spike and his sunbeams. Ahhh, that's better!

Where's Murphy?? Still doing zoomies, frantically around the house. That dog is going to be the death of me! Good thing she's cute!


rottrover said...

I totally get the concept of having wwwwaaaaayyyy to much to do and then getting dragged away from the desk by a cute black nose. Or a big pushy one :-)

Jean said...

I have, on occasion, been known to take myself to the public library just to get some paperwork done without being distracted by cute black noses. And I'm retired!

I hope the dogs decided to take a nap and you had a few productive hours.

achieve1dream said...

Umm I would not be able to resist those faces!!!

georgia little pea said...

1. It's so cold! I can't imagine what that feels like. Maybe worse than my freezer.

2. I don't even understand the title of your schoolwork!

3. Spike has such a sweet face. He really is a sunbather :)

Have a great Sunday!

ForPetsSake said...

Oh that feeling of being behind - in school,work, chores, etc is so frustrating! I understand completely. Especially in school where one thing builds on the next :(
I hope you get caught up quickly, but with those sweet distractions, who needs to catch up?