Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The view from my chair

It's a quiet day around here. The weather is much better so everyone spent time in the yard running around, burning energy off which was much needed! So, by the time I settled in to study this morning, I realized everyone was settling in for a morning nap. I can see 3 out of 4 dogs, napping in their chosen places, content now.

Ringo... yup, he's still here! He is about 10 weeks old and desperate for his own home! But, in the meantime, he hangs out and is fitting in with the crowd just fine. He certainly likes his naps, having claimed this cushion in the office for his own.

Too Cute! He shifted and looked a little more comfy in this position, despite his flipped over ear.

Spike, in the hallway, just outside the office door. He loves his sunbeams and will likely spend his day moving from sunbeam to another. Love it!

Murphy is spread out, protecting my bucket of journal articles. Must keep all that reading safe for me, you know!

Oh to have a dog's life! 


georgia little pea said...

To have a dog's life indeed :) as I now contemplate all the doggy chores ahead of me today- vac fur off carpets, cook their chicken, walks, pick up thyroxin for Rufus, etc,etc.

I'd like to be following some sunbeams around too!

Jean said...

Is it just the photo image, or is Ringo a BIG puppy for 10 weeks????

Jen said...

No, it's sadly not just the pic. He's plain BIG. I weighed him yesterday and he's 20 pounds already. And, yes, he has a little baby fat on him, but he's SOLID. I suspect he's going to be ginormous at full grown, LOL!

Honey the Great Dane said... looks so cosy in your household! Honey would be like Spike - sprawled out in a patch of sunlight! :-)


achieve1dream said...

It would be wonderful to have a dog's life. :D I love that Spike follows the sunbeams. That's too cute!

ForPetsSake said...

No kidding - snoozing in the sunbeams sounds perfectly divine!