Saturday, March 5, 2011

Travelling this weekend.

A little update on the flood situation from my friend Robin at The Year of the Chocolate Bunny. Robin posted an update and stated that she, Tim and Alex got out of the house, as did all 3 dogs. They were also able to save their cats, but not their sugar glider or their rabbits.  They have managed to find a new place to live, but they are not able to keep three dogs there (just two!), and they have to rehome their cats. It's very sad to think they have to give up Bubby, their newest dog, saved recently from the Humane Society. And, give up their cats. They are starting over from scratch, so any kind thoughts and messages you could send them would be appreciated. They've been through a great deal over the last six months, and I suspect this is a devastating blow; the house they were in is scheduled to be torn down due to chronic flooding they were never informed about and all their possessions are still inside the mouldy house.

Anyway, I am away this weekend, working for the Ministry of Education, doing some training in preparation to mark provincial exams this summer. I have been hired as a Exam Scoring Leader for a grade 7 Reading Assessment. It's a good gig, pays decently well for a teacher and it's just a week out of my summer. I enjoy it, as I see it as Professional Development and I learn lots from the experience. Plus, I've met lots of other great teachers from around the province and it's a good chance to get away!

The dogs are with Rebecca this week, and I learned the Sophie got into mischief very shortly after arriving there. Bec hadn't adequately closed her crate, and she escaped and was loose in the dog room so she figured she could eat quite a bit of another dogs kibble. End result? Peroxide and Rebecca needed to clean up the yard after Soph. I suspect Sophie now fully understands "DON'T COME OUT OF YOUR CRATE UNTIL INVITED, EVEN IF THE DOOR IS OPEN!"  I love that Rebecca sends them home a little better trained than they left, but I do feel bad that she misbehaved. At least Ringo and Murphy had to be woken up this morning! Phew, to that one! Spike apparently is having a blast running around and exploring the yards.

I have to admit, I am enjoying being away, staying in a nice hotel (it's all expenses paid!) and having the bed to myself. I do miss the dogs, but it is nice not to have Murphy sleeping as close as possible, or Sophie snoring in my ear.  I will be hunkering down tonight with my research but it's alright; it's quiet and I have no distractions here. Tomorrow, I head home and back to the reality of life with 4 dogs (thank goodness one will eventually move out!) and work on Monday.


Ms. ~K said...

Oh, do enjoy yourself and be prepared for a good "sniff over" when you get home!

Khyra And Sometimes Her Mom said...

Mom's home!
Mom's home!!
Mom's home!!!

Or something like that!


Honey the Great Dane said...

Sounds like everyone's been having an eventful time! :-)

I like having a break away too sometimes - even though I only have 1 dog - but it's good just to get away and have a "non-doggie" life for a while! :-) I do think it helps you appreciate them more when you get back!


georgia little pea said...

sounds like you had a nice break, even if it was about work! i feel like that just going to the movies...3 blissful hours away without rufus and georgia making me feel guilty that i'm not doing something with or for them... WHOOOPEEE!

Mango said...

Gah! Your flooded friends are actually in our google reader and I've been so self absorbed and behind that I missed the flood. I went over right away and left words, but they seem kind of hollow given the enormity of what happened.

Mango Momma

Jen said...

Mango Momma: I know what you mean! I don't know Robin very well and I haven't been reading their blog very long, but I felt awful when I read it; I just had to say something. It's just one of those situations though were words really can't do enough. I wish I could at least help them keep Bubby somehow!! That's the worst of it, to me is really not only did they lose everything, now they have to re-home parts of the family. Sad!
Anyway, we can really only just leave notes for them and that's it anyway. I just hope their luck turns around!!

Thanks for stopping over there!

achieve1dream said...

That is really awful about your friends and the flood. :( I'm sure they are devastated to lose their sugar glider, rabbits, house and now their dog and cats. How awful. :(

It sounds like you're having a lovely getaway. It's nice to leave daily responsibility behind for a bit. :)

rottrover said...

Jen, we felt the same way about mRobin's family and especially Bubby. We've left notes, too, but it dosn't seem like enough. Maybe when thy get settled Blogville can do something to help...

achieve1dream said...

Not a problem. I know sometimes time is a factor. I worked with Jackal last night on the leash thing and it took all of one minute to get him to pick it up and then he started acting like he had no clue what he was doing. He started pawing at the leash and then when he didn't get clicked he completely ignored it! Ack! I had to totally backtrack and start over. Brat. :) Good luck!