Saturday, May 7, 2011

Adopt this dog, so I don't have to rescue her!

I promise a longer post soon, but I am under the weather with allergies that have morphed into a nasty sinus infection. BOO!  

But, I have been watching this girl on petfinder for awhile, so someone needs to go and give her a second chance before I find myself in a car, on the way to Prince Albert!!  She's a beauty!

Kiwi: Labrador Retriever (mix)

Kiwi arrived at the Shelter on Apr 21/11 after she was found on the streets and brought in to us as a stray by Animal Control. Kiwi is a gorgeous dog--her coat is so shiny and sleek, she was obviously taken care of, but sadly, no one ever came looking for her. Kiwi is about 8 months old and is a very energetic dog who would do well in an active family. She has been started on routine vaccinations and will make a wonderful pet. If you are looking to add Kiwi to your family, then stop by the Shelter at 680 Exhibition Drive or give us a call at 763-6110.


Mango said...

Oh she is so pretty. I wonder how far from home she is. Surely a beautiful dog like that is lost and not abandoned. I hope that she finds a good home.

Mango Momma

LetMeTellYouATale said...

Aww, she is a beauty :)

rottrover said...

Jen, she's a beauty! AND she's a black dog. And this is the Black Dog Blog... Just kidding. We're sure she'll find a furever family soon!!

Rottie Kisses

Jen said...

Just a little update: I called the shelter and poor Kiwi was not doing well in the kennels. Big surprise, she's a high energy lab! So, I talked to them about fostering the girl but got GREAT NEWS today! She's gone on a trial adoption!!! WOOOOOTTT!! Go Kiwi, go!!!