Sunday, May 8, 2011


Murphy and I are both under the weather.  I am struggling still with allergies that have morphed into a sinus infection requiring antiboitics. Yuck.  Murphy is struggling with a vaccination reaction. I've never seen her want to hang under a blanket, refuse to be touched (and cry/yelp in pain when I pick her up) and cease moving for this long. In fact, her left thigh where she got her distemper shot swelled and was warm to the touch. Poor Monkey! So, at the vet's advice, I gave her a dose of Metacam and she's feeling MUCH better.

Poor girl, she really wasn't feeling well!

She buried herself under and refused to come out.  All I could find was her nose/

Murph and I hunkered down on the couch together to watch a little Bones online while Soph watched the street from her very comfortable seat in the toy box, haha! 

Silly girl, but I guess if you are too lazy to stand and need to rest your chin, then well, it must work, eh?

Spike checking in on Murph.

Murphy is CLEARLY feeling better after a big dose of Metacam. I was unloading the car, with the front door open, when I looked up to see a speeding white furry bullet go by... Murph has perfected the "jump through the back screen door" move. Unfortunately blogger won't let me upload my video of her in action, but suffice it to say, if she can jump through the back screen door, she can likely jump on the kitchen counter. Yikes!  I have learned that keeping a Jack contained is harder than it looks!


Khyra And Sometimes Her Mom said...

So, have woo khonsidered having some Metacam?

I hope woo feel better soon - I khan see Murphy does!


rottrover said...

Hope you ladies feel better soon! And Jen, NO juming on the counter!!

Rottie Kisses

Sophie said...

Hope you both feel better soon. It sounds like Murphy's already on her way to being back to normal - you can't keep a Jack down for long!

georgia little pea said...

murphy, that's terrible! i'm glad you're feeling better now. i hope you don't have to have one of those nasty shots ever again.

big hug xox

Mango said...

That metacam is great stuff. I take it every day for sure. Good thoughts to both of you and mom too that you are feeling better. Momma took vacation today. Woo hoo! She says that she is too exhausted mentals to work so I am looking forward to napping with her.


achieve1dream said...

Aww sorry you guys aren't feeling well. I'm glad the Metacam helped Murphy and I hope your allergies get better. Mine have been awful too. That picture of Sophie is cute too. :)