Wednesday, June 22, 2011


It is a BEAUTIFUL, HOT, SUNNY day today. I need to say that loudly as it's POURED down rain here sooo much lately. Not complaining, but I do love the sun. The perfect lawn cutting day, to be honest, so I headed out to cut the side/front lawns. I always leave the dogs out while I putter in the yard as I have one of those reel mowers- the no electricity/gas mowers that require lots of energy from me, but do not cause any issues with safety. There is no need to keep the dogs out in the yard while lawn cutting. In fact, Sophie and I often practice heeling while I cut the lawn.

Anyway, the dogs were out, and Spike for some reason decided he needed to be in. I could hear him, so I periodically yelled to knock it off, but finally had enough and went to check.  This is what I found...

Yes, that screen IS shredded.

Yes, this IS the guilty party.

Sigh. Every. Single. Summer.

Some of the remains off the deck floor.

The innocent?!? party....

Now, the screen was already wrecked because last summer the back doorknob had fallen out and I had to cut my way into the house. Then, it was further aggravated by Murphy deciding it was a doggy door that she could leap in and out of at will. I do have video footage of this, however blogger is not letting me upload it. :(  Just use your imagination and picture a furry little Jack launching herself through it, at will.

So, well yes, today was my final straw. Time to fix the window. And, smart me bought DOUBLE what I need because I doubt the screen will make the summer.

Half done! This isn't taking very long at all, phew!

Sophie watching me work.

Murphy scheming about leaping through her doggy door.

I'm SURE Spike is sorry, really I am!

Voila, a whole new screen. Just in time to enjoy the beautiful day. 


georgia little pea said...

naughty naughty spike! off to holidaycamp with you i say! lucky you've mastered that cute i'm so sorry look.

you're a most patient saint, Jen. not to mention, very handy. seems like bloggers everywhere are showing me what a lazy incompetent person i am this week! :p

Jen said...

No, No, not patient, and not showing anyone how lazy they are. The window has been broken for well over a year. He pushed me over the edge and trust me there was NO patience shown as I heaved him into the crate for a time out. Then, for some reason, I decided it HAD to get fixed last night- mostly because it's too hot to leave the door closed at night and I have a phobia of a bat or bird flying in. So, that's that!!

You know, if I sent him to the holiday camp, he'd be the ONLY one that might come back like Georgia did, lol

Erika and Blair,xoxo said...

We have had screen issues most summer like you but my parents got smart and bought the petproof screen. So far so good at our house.

Sophie said...

Spike is such a naughty boy! But how could you ever do anything but hug and adore that happy, innocent face?

Ms. ~K said...

Thank goodness it was screen and not glass!
Hugs and belly rubs and BE GOOD!!!!

Pet Sitter Los Angeles said...

Thank goodness it was screen and not glass!

Sophie said...

Hey Jen and co, just popping here to say there's a blog award waiting for you at my blog. :)

achieve1dream said...

Ummm naughty boy!!! ;D

Ruger said...

Hmmmm ... my Mumma says that screen door looks fery much like her net curtains. I says that until she has evidence otherwise I believe it was the stinky cat .......

Slobbers & tail waggs from Ruger