Monday, June 13, 2011

We're back!

It's been awhile since I blogged, and to be honest really read any blogs either... sorry blogland, it's been a rough few weeks, none of which I want to go into here. Suffice it to say, I am starting to get back to normal and as a result, I'm back to taking pictures and wanting to share. :)

So, what were we up to?

Well, I went with my buddy Rebecca to look at these creatures...

That's Boston. 

Boston, and his buddy Tango.

The herd. They have LOADS of alpacas there!

Boston and Tango in the shelter, waiting to be haltered.

That's Boston. He's my new bud I am taking for a walk, haha! Funny way to spend a Sunday afternoon, but the end result is that Rebecca now has Boston and Tango living at her place. There will be loads more photos to share over the summer, I am sure because I am quite fascinated by them! And, can't wait to sheer them in the spring and get knitting with their wool!!

Other than that, Spike and I ran in our first agility trial of the spring. I am really pleased with how we are working together and that Spike is such a responsive little dog... love him! No Q's from the weekend, but glimmers of potential, I think. And, honestly, we were 2 points short of a Q in gamblers, which I happen to think is fabulous considering I had never run a gamblers course before!  We weren't much short in Snooker either; one wrong tunnel entry was all that did us in! :)

SOPHIE debuted in agility at that trial too. She earned a whopping 4 points in Snooker, but I am so proud of her!! She had never seen a 22" jump before, and had never done anything like this. But, the time was right to run her, so next June I can double drop her heights down to 16" and really truly run her. She's hysterical and actually grinned after her run for about an hour, haha!

Other than that, I've been hanging out, avoiding grooming Soph. She hates it, but it was time... in the span of 3 minutes, which is all she'll sit for, I managed to pull this out of her left leg.

I know it doesn't look like a ton, but for Sophers to tolerate that much grooming is amazing! 

Ah well, off to enjoy some sun in my garden before I get my day started.


Sophie said...

I hope everything's getting better for you now! Sometimes real life just gets in the way of blogging, sometimes for the worse, sometimes for the best.

Awesome news on the agility, despite the no Qs! Is Sophie's training regime still going strong?

I want my own alpaca herd :)

achieve1dream said...

Sorry things have been rough lately. I'm glad it's getting better and that you're back.

Congrats on the agility. You must be so excited about Sophie's debut. :) It's too bad about not qualifying, but you had fun and that's what counts.

The Alpaca are so cute!