Sunday, February 26, 2012

ARGH! And an award!

It's been a strange few days around my place. I am just finished up a week of holidays which has been heavenly. I've worked on projects around the house that clearly needed to be done and that's always a good thing. But, a few things have made me want to throw back my head and howl...

First, I made a batch of Key Lime cupcakes two days ago. They are quite yummy but I realized quickly they give me indigestion. So, I've left them alone since, siting in the cupboard until I figured out what to do with them.  Today, in cleaning out the cupboard, I put them in a freezer container and was going to take them downstairs to the freezer. OF COURSE when my back was turned, my girl Sophie ate 1/2 a dozen, muffin liners and all.  After she was done, I just shook my head at her as she let out a giant belch. Hope she doesn't get heartburn like I did from them.  I know she 'likes' limes as she stole 1/2 one the day I made the cupcakes and ate it. She then proceeded to steal the other 3 1/2 limes left and while she wouldn't eat them, she guarded them from everyone until I had finally had enough and confiscated them. What a girl!

Then, last night, in an effort to save a buck, I made homemade cinnamon buns. Seemed a good idea at the time, as I have this sad addiction to cinnamon buns from Sobey's and I can't justify buying them from there, at the cost they are. Anyway, I used the wrong pan and the brown sugar dripped over the edge into the oven and eventually caught on fire while I wasn't looking. It wasn't a huge fire, but it scared the crap out of me. I opened the back door to let air in as there is nothing worse than that smokey smell of burnt sugar and Spike ran out. He wouldn't come back in for ages, despite the snow storm that was raging at the time. Ah well, it was just a little fire and despite that, the buns turned out AMAZING!

Finally, at agility class yesterday, Murphy and I were working on her A Frame, using a small jump in front of it. She has a tendency to fling herself at the Frame and land halfway up, which is very hard on her shoulders. So, I've been using a jump to force her to stride better. Anyway, the jump was a bit to far back maybe and she leapt and hit the frame HARD, 3/4 of the way up. She proceeded to attempt to scale  to the pinnacle, but she was completely off balance and she ended up bailing from the Frame pretty much at the top (like 5 feet in the air). I instinctively raised my hand to save her? Save myself from her slamming into me? Anyway, she hit my hand and fell, hard to the ground. She let out a squeak when she landed on her side and dragged herself up to try and get her breathe back. Poor baby came right to me for comfort as she was pretty shaken up, as was I.  I sat with her for a few minutes on the floor, calming us both down, then went back to class. She was fine; Murphy was back to running contact equipment almost at full speed by the end of class but she sure scared herself and I.  This morning, she has inflammation in her right shoulder and I've dosed her with some metacam because I just want her to feel ok. I think she's fine, but yikes!

I also have been a raw feeder for years but Miss Murph has an allergy. We've finally decided it might just be something simple- like chicken. So, I bought my first bag of kibble in years. Talk about sticker shock; I bought a 13.5 KG bag of Acana Ranchlands as I used to feed Acana prior to raw feeding and it cost $75.00! Yikes! My guys did alright on it, and it's a made in Canada product. The Ranchlands is a combo of Beef and Bison, interestingly enough farmed about an hour from my home town. Anyway, Murphy got her first ever kibble last night since she was 9 weeks old. So far so good and she is chowing down on it well. Time will tell if chicken is the problem, but I'm ready to not let her suffer with itchy feet anymore.

Anyway, onto better things;  I've been awarded an award! I've gotten a few over time and I haven't always done anything with them mostly because I couldn't get the blog award buttons to work on my blogger account. But, I am proud to acknowledge this award....Sophie, over at The Court of Tails awarded us the Pawsome Blogger Award! Thanks Sophie!!

And, I will hereby pass it forward to the next 8... (although, I feel like I should be doing more than just passing it forward, like I don't know, maybe revealing 8 big secrets or something about myself, LOL).  ANYWAY, here goes...
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Alright, here's to a good rest of the day, free from injuries, stolen food or kitchen fires. :)


Erika, Blair and crew said...

Thanks Jen!!

Pamela said...

Sounds like an awfully exciting weekend. Hope your week is dull in comparison.

Jean said...

I hope Murphy is okay and soon learns to take that A-frame a bit more gently. And Sophie doesn't suffer any ill effects from the key lime cupcakes (too funny - guarding limes!). :)
Thanks for the award.

Al@PolkaDotsandPaisley said...

Thanks for the award!

Tag! You're it.

achieve1dream said...

Yikes on the fire and the fall!! Glad everything turned out okay.

On the chicken allergy can you not feed raw without chicken? I don't know what is available in Canada, but I would think (just guessing) ruling out an allergy would be easier on raw than on kibble since processed dog food has so many other things in it like preservatives, etc. Just curious. I feed raw too and here it is difficult to find other sources of meat besides chicken at a reasonable price. Good luck!!