Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Monday nights at Green's house

I trained Spike and Murphy in the yard yesterday. It's been awhile, I hate to admit, but I pulled out our agility equipment and set to work. It totally reminded me why I hadn't been doing that lately- Spike gets sooo overly excited, he focuses on soccer balls around the yard. Seriously, in the next house, with the next yard (stay tuned- there are changes afoot within the next months...), I will know better. Keep all soccer balls AWAY! :)
Murphy managed to run zoomies wildly around all jumps, weaves, everything but the tunnel. Somehow she took the tunnel on almost every lap, haha.  Ah well, we'll try again today. She will learn to weave if it kills me!
Sophie, poor Sophie got to play some fetch after and I realized just how poor her muscle tone has become this winter, with my clearly slothful behaviour. Back on track- she and I both are on a serious plan to get her and I in better shape. She needs it for her hips and knees. I probably do too.

Anyway, the evidence of why agility is sooo good for my dogs....

Sophie, napping on the couch.  Sorry for the quality- taken with my iPhone and I usually do a little better with it, than this.  :(

Napping Murphy.

Tired Spike.

After agility practice last night, I worked on sewing a chute for our training sessions. This fabric is actually Denier 420 nylon. I have NO IDEA why Sophie and Murphy needed to "help" me with this project. It's not even cozy fabric, LOL.

Spike and Murphy watching out the window.

Finally, my little winter gift to myself- a pair of Monster Slippers, custom made by Tasha, a knitting genius in the city. LOVE THEM! My students love them too- they were delivered to school yesterday morning and I insisted on wearing them all day.  Makes for a happier Monday, LOL.


Sam said...

We've just moved to Advanced Beginners with Sam. I've got the same thing in the back yard when we practice - it is play time for Sam! He does better when we go to the agility field. :D

Love you Monster slippers!


Al@PolkaDotsandPaisley said...

I'll never forget one of the first pieces of dog advice you gave me - a tired dog is a good dog.

P.S. Love the slippers!

achieve1dream said...

LOL on the slippers. :D

My dogs are the same way about the over excitement when they've had a break on something. Give it time. They will settle back into it. :)