Sunday, May 30, 2010

The Battle of the Strawberries

Last summer, I fought a battle with Sophie, the whole summer, over my strawberry plants. She loves strawberries, so much that I didn't get a single one off the two plants I had in pots on the deck, the entire summer!  She would nap with her head, lying in one or the other pots of them, then lazily wake up and munch off any green or red berries or even flowers she could find on the plants.

This summer, I thought I was smarter than her, and I have left my strawberry plants on the front step. So, yes, safe from the evil clutches of Sophie.  And, my plants look lovely don't they??

Yes healthy and growing well!

So, what's wrong with this picture??

Last night, this plant had TWO lovely, just ripe strawberries on it. And, there was a frost warning, so the plants spent the night on my kitchen table. Apparently too close to the edge, because that lunatic lab had herself a midnight snack.  

Clearly the war is NOT over. Watch your back Sophie, watch your back!!

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Becca & Mandy said...

lol. we have the same problem with tomatoes :)