Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Changes Are A'Comin!

It's official. There are changes coming in my world for next year! First of all, I will be a Fulltime MEd student, in the Educational Foundations program at UofS. Of course, I might as well have been last year, but I am jumping in and getting going on this program. The plan is to start my Thesis (pending choosing my topic, of course), after Christmas. Yikes. That's not far away.

The other major change in my life is a change of job. I am transferring schools for next year, from the school I work at, in Osler to a school in Dalmeny. I am very excited about this as I will be working with a small group of students everyday who have a variety of challenges, many very different than I have spent the last two years working with. And, better yet is the driving distance for me. I have been driving just shy of 40KM's one way, everyday the last two years, which on rough roads takes me usually somewhere around 30 minutes to do. And, much more in bad weather. It doesn't sound that bad, but when I had class at the University, I couldn't go home between work and school so I had to hire someone to play with my dogs. So, my new drive is 12 KM's, or about 10 minutes, and I can go home and play with the dogs for 30 minutes between work and class which is huge. I am relieved to make this change as it will change my dog's lives too! As well, I will save lots of money on gas/pet sitting and that translates to more freedom to do dog training! :)

Best of all, I am feeling very lucky these days to have Spike. He has turned out to be an amazing therapy dog, handling anything I throw at him. Nothing is bothering him at the nursing home anymore; he has a knack especially with a couple of the men which shocks me. This from a dog who used to distrust any men at all. I am very hopful that I can continue this work so that we can complete our child test with St. John Ambulance. Then, my plan is to be able to use Spike in my new classroom. Cross your fingers my new principal is open to the idea because Spike has a way of changing the mood in a room for the better!

Here's to changes that were much needed!

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Becca & Mandy said...

Congratulations on your accomplishments! I'm sure your pups are proud!